The Big Picture

We believe that God wants to change us and use us to change our world with the love of Christ. Our purpose is to be transformed people

who transform our world and we do that best if:
1) We do it together
2) We serve one another and the world around us
3) We give of our time, energy and resources.

Here at MMBC we consider biblical membership to be more of an organic connectedness than a formal process or piece of paper. Therefore, we believe the way we fulfill our purpose and the way we “belong” to one another is through relationships (connecting), serving each other, and being financially responsible by giving.


God made us to be managers of His resources and part of life at Macedonia is being a willing giver. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We want to be people who follow Christ in our giving and not just in our words. For many who are new to the church, the concept of tithing 10% can seem overwhelming. We encourage everyone to take their giving to God in prayer. Can’t do 10%? Start smaller and see what happens! Trust God with what you are able to give and watch what He does.


Jesus was the ultimate servant and we all have a gift with which we can also serve others. Giving our lives away in service is a key part of life in our church.
Are you already doing something such as coaching a youth sports team, helping at your child’s school, being a team mom, etc.? Don’t stop. Those count! We love to see our church involved in the community as well as meeting needs in the church​​.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church: 625 Quail Street, San Diego, California 92102 (Phone) 619-263-4544

A congregation of faith


You were created to share your life with others. Our desire is for each and every individual at MMBC to find a place outside of weekend services where they can know others and truly be known. Whether in a small group or as a part of one of our age- or gender-specific ministry groups, our hope is that you will dive into the community here and find a place to connect in relationship.